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The use of linerless labels has increased steadily in recent years. The variety of application possibilities is developing all the time and the growth potential for These labels is massive. artimelt has 20 years of experience and thus knows what counts in this application field. As a manufacturer of high-grade hot melt adhesives, the company developed artimeltlinerless as a dedicated product line offering a range of solutions in this area.

Most of the self-adhesive labels available on the market are made from classic self-adhesive laminate. A major disadvantage is the non-recyclable material waste. The perfect solution would therefore be labels which do not have to be punched and do not need a backing. Alongside the many tons of waste that would then no longer occur, this would also mean a reduction of material costs by up to 30%.

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  • 50-60% of more labels each role
  • less storage place for the same amount of labels
  • less role change
  • variable label length and adaptable print format
  • no lead frame rubbish
  • no carrier rubbish
  • resource-friendly production
  • environmentally friendly
  • reduction of material costs by up to 30%
  • savings in total costs up to 15%


As the label is not printed and cut until the point of sale when used in this way, special adhesives are required which do not soil the printheads and cutters. Shutting down the system to have it cleaned causes an unnecessary loss time and thus considerable downtime costs. artimeltlinerless adhesives were checked by manufacturers of such systems and come out on top in terms of performance.

artimeltlinerless is the most popular adhesive product in the linerless adhesive sector - not to mention one of the best. Leading labeling machine manufacturers recommend artimeltlinerless because of the negligible soiling of the cutting blade. Interruptions for cleaning are thus massively reduced and the outstanding workability leaves virtually nothing to be desired. Less waste and more usable material per reel increase efficiency for the customer.

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The journal "Narrow WebTech" has published an article written by Wolfgang Aufmuth, Product Manager at artimelt. This article informs about linerless material, components and where special attention is required. Read the article and learn everything about artimelt linerless.