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High-tech testing facility

Our high-tech testing facility in Sursee is one of the most modern and innovative systems on the market. It can be used for performing application tests, as it is precisely tailored to individual needs and requirements and is ideal for manufacturing high-quality and practice-oriented samples.

artimelt uses the testing facility for developing new, innovative adhesives. Adhesives for various materials can be tested: foils, paper, textiles, foam and more.

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Service spectrum  

Application heads
Application width   Application weight Speed

Wide slit nozzle  
max. 350 mm Possible from 20 g/m2,
per adhesive
max. 100 m/min.
Curtain Coating  160 mm and 350 mm  Possible from 5 g/m2,
per adhesive
max. 100 m/min.
Spray head max. 100 mm  Ab 5 g/m2 möglich,
je nach Klebstoff 
max. 100 m/min.
UV-radiation medium pressure mercury vapour lamps
low pressure amalgam lamps

Web-shaped materials such as foils, paper, textiles.
Also heat-sensitive substrates e.g. foam
Max. width 30 mm, minimum length 1,000 m.

Roll diameter  max. 600 mm  
Core diameter  76 mm / 3 inch