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UV-cured adhesives

artimelt can look back on more than 20 years of experience in the development of radiation curable UV adhesives. As a pioneer on this area, artimelt brought its first formulated UV adhesives for the production of self-adhesive labels to the market in the early 90s. The development of the first hot melt adhesive formulations for UV technology was carried out in close cooperation with BASF. In the meantime the fields of application cover a wide variety of technical applications, e.g. permanent or removable and repositionable labels and tapes; but also adhesives for direct skin contact like bandages, plasters, patches and dressings.

UV-curable hot melt adhesives, especially, are still a fairly recent technology that offers processors new capabilities. For instance, the degree of cure can be varied to produce a range of different adhesion properties.
The UV-curable hot melt adhesives are a further development of existing technologies;
rubber-based and solvent-acrylate-based adhesives.

Due to the mentioned pioneering work, artimelt has become the market leader for UV curable adhesives. artimelt is able to maintain and expand this position by constantly setting new standards and developing individual adhesive solutions for our customers. Thanks to these innovations, we have the largest portfolio of UV-curable adhesives.

Advantages of the UV curable technology

• Environmentally friendly
• High coating speed up to 250 m/min
• No expensive drying of the adhesives is necessary after coating
• Resistant against liquids and chemicals
• Special formulations are suitable for direct skin and food contact.
• Can be used up to a temperature range of 200°C
• The adhesive cannot re-crosslink and is very stable to light and ageing
• The adhesive is a 100% system
• Can be upgraded on existing hot melt coating machine.
• The adhesive has a high breathability

Technical UV N1 Serie

For permanent and removable applications:

  • Removable labels and seals
  • Repositionable labels
  • Plasticizer resistant for tape applications
  • Strong adhesive labels for logistics solutions
  • Resealable applications: Tobacco and wetwipe

Direct and indirect food contact:

  • Removable price labels
  • Permanent labels for food packaging
  • Components for direct food contact comply with FDA 175.125

Medical M14 Serie

Applications for direct skin contact:

  • Various adhesion values possible
  • Painless removal
  • maximum breathability
  • Water vapour permeable
  • For skin transplant solutions
  • For different bandage and plaster solutions
  • For surgery drapes
  • For ECG electrodes
  • For wearables
  • Biocompatibility of M14 products confirmed by tests
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