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Balsam for the skin

The artimelt low peel / gentle peel line employs a new adhesive concept which gives our customers even greaterflexibility in terms of product variety. artimelt low peel / gentle peel productspossess properties similar to silicone adhesives, but are produced using acrylate-based raw materials instead of silicone. They may therefore be processed on existing hot melt adhesive systems.

artimelt low peel / gentle peel adhesives allow painless removal, induce no anxiety prior to a change of dressing, and do not have a negative effect on the wound healing process.

With artimelt low peel adhesives there is no pain, no fear of changing wound dressings, and no negative impact on the wound healing process through traumas.

artimelt has developed a low peel adhesive, which can be applied with conventional coating systems for hot melts. There is therefore no need to invest in a silicone coating system. The existing expertise can be further developed. Low peel means "no trauma." Traumas can arise when changing a wound dressing and result in tissue damage. This leads to MMP activation and triggers a new infection, which extends the healing process.

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Gentle wound care

Existing low peel / gentle peel and silicone-based products achieve an identical good outcome based on their main attributes. Both wearing comfort and gentle removal may be directly compared on the skin with silicone adhesives. Formulation was modified to increase the time of application on the skin. Thus, each of the products in this line is suitable for other fields of use. This product line is an excellent alternative to silicone adhesives for the skin. Please contact us if you have any questions »

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