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18. February 2020

New blog: Recycling made easy - thanks to the right adhesive

 "Reduce – Reuse – Recycle – Dispose of”

These buzzwords are now part of our everyday life, just like the products we buy and which have to be “disposed of” after use.
The number of people on our planet is growing day by day and with it the amount of disposed products and mountains of rubbish. The above-mentioned approach seems perfectly understandable.

The first step is to reduce waste. For example, products can be purchased without unnecessary repackaging. If reduction is not possible, things should be reused, for example by repairing defective electrical appliances. If re-use is also not possible, recycling should be used to reuse the waste and thus the components as reusable materials.

Well, how does it all actually work when adhesive is involved? Read more in our latest blog.