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Recycling made easy - thanks to the right adhesive

Muamer Mujkic, 18.02.2020


“Reduce – Reuse – Recycle – Dispose of” These buzzwords are now part of our everyday life, just like the products we buy and which have to be “disposed of” after use. The number of people on our planet is growing day by day and with it the amount of disposed products and mountains of rubbish. The above-mentioned approach seems perfectly understandable.


Adhesive for Document and Goods Transport

Muamer Mujkic, 28.01.2020

Are you still one of those people who go to shops and department stores to buy food, clothes, and electrical appliances, etc.? Or are you a user of the modern, virtual shopping malls that are open at any time of the day or night and whose range of goods far surpasses that of physical shops? Whichever group you belong to: just read on.


Changing your adhesives to UV technology

Muamer Mujkic, 07.01.2020

UV curable adhesives are a modern adhesive technology that offers many advantages. We at artimelt can look back on more than 20 years of experience in the development of radiation curable UV adhesives and are happy to pass on our artimelt knowledge to you for the switch to UV technology. This artimelt blog is intended to help processors of adhesives make the decision to switch to UV technology.


artimelt UV adhesives and their Fields of Use

Muamer Mujkic, 13.11.2019


UV-curing adhesives can now be used for a wide range of applications. Although originally developed to replace solvent-based adhesives, UV adhesives can do much more. Due to the artimelt base polymer formulations, removable adhesives and adhesives with a strong bond can be manufactured using one and the same raw adhesive mixture. artimelt UV adhesives can therefore be used in a wide range of different applications.


Adhesive for sterile environments

Muamer Mujkic, 24.10.2019


A large number of medical products are packaged and sterilized, including plasters, medical tape, surgery drapes and ECG electrodes. All of these products use an adhesive. The packaging is also often closed or sealed with an adhesive. The adhesive must be able to withstand the sterilization processes commonly used without its properties changing. Furthermore, the sterile properties of the product must remain the same over a long period of time.


Adhesive that comes into contact with foodstuffs

Wolfgang Aufmuth, 23.09.2019

blog_Klebstoffe im Lebensmittelkontakt_artimelt

Labels in the supermarket When walking through the supermarket, have you ever noticed how many products feature labels? By labels, I don’t mean the small price tags – these have in recent years been almost completely done away with and prices are instead displayed on shelves – but rather the larger labels that are used as an advertising medium and to display the product information.


What is important when transporting money and valuable items?

Wolfgang Aufmuth, 15.07.2019


What is important when transporting money and valuable items? If you are a forward-thinker and are already using cashless payment methods, then you can stop reading here. If, however, you belong to the generation that thinks that “cash is king”, then this blog will definitely be interesting for you.


Demands on a modern plaster

Muamer Mujkic, 24.06.2019


Plasters are found in virtually every home first-aid kit. They are available in all shapes and colors and in many different materials, such as fabrics or synthetics. Some plasters have a strong bond and some can be removed easily, while others have additional functions such as antibacterial properties, padding, absorption of wound secretions or for administering medication. What is clear is that the demands on modern plasters have increased. Below, you can find a summary of the most important requirements.


Adhesive tapes – use and function

Wolfgang Aufmuth, 17.06.2019


When you hear the term adhesive tape, the first thing most of you will probably think of is the traditional adhesive tape used in offices or packing tape used for sealing shipping cartons. This is no surprise. After all, these are the applications that we seem to come across the most in our everyday lives.


Linerless labels – why cheap components can end up being expensive in the long run

Wolfgang Aufmuth, 29.05.2019


Linerless labels have been a hot topic on our website over the past year. This blog has highlighted how the labels are put together, plus their applications and advantages.


MDR - an overview

Muamer Mujkic, 22.05.2019

EU Gebäude

Introduction The MDR (Medical Device Regulation) is currently a hot topic and is keeping manufacturers of medical products and their suppliers on their toes. There are many different reasons for this. On one hand, the timeline laid out by the EU is extremely ambitious and, on the other, it is not yet clear how much of what is detailed in the regulation will be implemented in practice.


Affixing labels at different temperatures

Wolfgang Aufmuth, 08.04.2019


Nowadays, a wide range of different labels are available. In addition to various shapes and formats – such as round or rectangular labels with and without rounded corners – an unbelievable amount of different colors are on offer. Labels used in industrial applications are already available in all kinds of colors and printed with an array of motifs.


Strong adhesive effect on demanding surfaces - artimeltsurface

Wolfgang Aufmuth, 31.01.2019


Strong adhesive labelWe’re sure you’re familiar with the situation – a customer has requested a strongly adhesive label that is affixed to a cardboard box and is either destroyed or damages the underlying layer when removed. VOID labeling is not required in this case. With this in mind, you look for a self-adhesive laminate with the strongest adhesive available and are convinced that the customer will be happy with the results.


Color-changing adhesives through manipulation - artimeltsepia

Wolfgang Aufmuth, 31.01.2019


You’re probably asking yourself what sepia has to do with adhesives. Isn’t this the Latin name of something you would usually find in the sea? Read on to find out the answer in this blog! First of all, you should be aware that artimelt is a manufacturer of hot-melt adhesives for niche applications.


Soothing for the skin even on removal - artimeltlowpeel

Muamer Mujkic, 31.01.2019


Adhesive for direct skin contactWhen developing an adhesive that comes into direct contact with the skin, there are always many factors to consider – ones which also need to be coordinated with each other. For example, if a medical device is developed that is affixed to sensitive skin – as can be the case with newborn babies or older people – there are further special requirements when it comes to the adhesive.


Linerless labels: What are they and what do I Need?

Wolfgang Aufmuth, 31.01.2019

Bild Linerless-1

IntroductionLabels are an integral part of our everyday life. They are used for carrying advertising and information and we perceive them both consciously and often also unconsciously.


artimelt at the ICE 2019

Patrizia Fussen, 15.01.2019


artimelt attended the ICE 2019 from 12.-14.3.2019 in Munich! Our highlights: artimeltsepia color-changing adhesiveartimelt sets a new standard for security applications. With artimeltsepia temperature manipulation is a thing of the past. The color change definitely proves the manipulation of the adhesive.